Excursion route to the temples of Smolensk for 1 day

We start our route from Michael Archangel Church , you can walk to the “Furniture Factory” stop, take the 4n route taxi and go to the Kashen station. On the way you can see one of the districts of Smolensk - "Zadneprovsky."

After visiting Peter and Paul Church , we will go on foot across the bridge over the Dnieper. We have a view of another part of the city - "Leninsky". On a high hill stands the Church of St. John the Divine . Here, standing on a hill, you can see part of the Dnepr Embankment, the old Smolensk houses. If you continue driving in this direction, you can reach the second bridge across the Dnieper, where the main street of the city begins - Bolshaya Sovetskaya.

But we will not go there now. The route along Bolshaya Sovetskaya Street (formerly Blagoveshchenskaya Street) is a familiar one. We suggest you look at the city of Smolensk on the other hand, feel the attractiveness and beauty of the old streets. We turn right and start up the street Voykova. Here we will see the current Resurrection Church , Planetarium, on the right side there will be a complex of buildings of Smolensk State University. We reach the intersection of ul. Voykova from the street. Przhevalsky and turn left. On the way - a cafe under the tempting name "Buffet", where you can have a good snack and relax. Across the road is the Tenishev Cultural and Exhibition Center. At the intersection of Przhevalsky and Konenkov streets there is a Spaso-Ascension Convent . For visitors opened the building of the Ascension Cathedral.

From Voznesensky Monastery, we continue moving along Kozlov Street. On the left side we see a small memorial. Here are the Monument to the fallen in the Great Patriotic War and a memorial stone. We continue to the intersection with Bolshaya Sovetskaya Street. We continue to climb up to the pedestrian crossing. On the right we pass the “clock house” known in Smolensk. Cross the street and go downstairs to admire the Trinity Monastery complex . At the behest of Peter I, it was divided into two parts, so that a straight street appeared connecting the Dnieper and the city center. There are very friendly nuns, a cozy flower garden and a very comfortable bench. Next, we come to the main attraction of our city - Holy Assumption Cathedral . After his visit, we recommend that you go behind the cathedral, past the cross, established in honor of Prince Vladimir, and go through the gate to a spacious observation deck. From this place of the Cathedral Hill you can clearly see the panorama of the city. Further our path will lie through the lanes through which you can again see the city from the inside. We will go down the street. Little school and go out on the street. Timiryazev. Here, three objects immediately open up to our gaze: Smolensk Theological Seminary, Pokrovsky Church and the tower of the Smolensk fortress wall called Veselukha. Moving on the street. Timiryazev up, one can observe the preserved most of the fortress wall.

At the intersection of Timiryazev and Marshal Zhukov streets Spaso-Preobrazhensky Avraamiev friary monastery is located , we continue along the fortress wall on ul. Marshal Zhukov to Sheinova bastion. On the left side there is the "Gubernsky" shopping center, which used to be called the "House of Officers". There are many different monuments around it: soldiers-frontier guards, soldiers-internationalists, Bust of the hero of the Soviet Union Vasily Margelov, a monument to victims of radiation accidents and disasters, a monument to N.V. Krylenko. And here we go to Tenisheva street, passing by the cinema "October", built in 1948, its opening symbolized the revival of the post-war Smolensk. This event was a real holiday, which was timed to the anniversary of the October Revolution. The cinema is located on the square, which is called "Victory Square". Here, in the red brick building at the intersection of Tenisheva and Isakovsky streets, there is a museum “Russian antiquity”. The building was built in 1903-1905 by the project of S.V. Malyutina, Princess M.K. Tenisheva and artist V.M. Vasnetsov. Our route will be completed by visiting the Temple of the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of the Russian Church . You can get to it from “Victory Square” by a 22n, 16n route taxi or by tram number 2 and number 4.


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