The route for those who first time in Smolensk

Dear friends! You are in the stunning hero-city of Smolensk. We would like to offer you a tourist route to our glorious city.

If this is your first time in our city, then start your acquaintance with it from 12th century temples . The first of them is the Temple of the First Apostles Peter and Paul , which is located near the railway station. After you have visited the temple, it will be convenient for you to go to the Vladimir Embankment over the Dzerzhinsky Bridge.

When you find yourself on the embankment, you will see the glorious Dnieper, and on its shore a monument to the baptist of Russia Prince Vladimir . Also, there is another of the most ancient churches of Russia - Church of St. John the Divine .

From the embankment, you can go to the main attractions of the city of Smolensk - Holy Assumption Cathedral . On the cathedral mountain you can see a wonderful architectural ensemble: a monument to Vladimir Monomakh, the founder of the first stone building in the city of Smolensk, as well as two viewing platforms, you can admire the beautiful panoramas of the city. Walking on the cathedral mountain you can relax both in body and soul.

After the Cathedral, it will be convenient to go down the ancient street “under school” and go to the eastern part of Smolensk fortress wall . Behind the wall is a beautiful view of the city. In this part of the fortress you can visit such architectural objects as Pokrovsky Church of the Smolensk Seminary and Abraham monastery , from which you can go to the city center. Here you can eat (Burger King, Buffet, Burger Club, Dona Clara, Lazy Dog, Peter Push). And then go to the park Blonier. There is a famous sculpture of Bronze deer, and not far from it you can visit art gallery , History Museum , Ascension Monastery , Konenkov Museum and of course go to Lopatinsky Garden , rich in its history, beauty, peace and sights. It is especially pleasant to walk around the garden with children. And yet, there you can not only learn interesting historical facts about Smolensk, but also ride the rides, watch the ducks and get some fresh air.

After the garden, you can go to the square of the memory of the heroes, near which there is Thunder Tower and an old Russian monument to Fyodor Kon, the architect , who built the Smolensk fortress wall.

You can also visit the Catholic church in honor of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary , Temple of the New Martyrs , Smyadin , Readovka. If you are in Smolensk for several days and you have time for outings in the countryside, then visit Katyn , Gnёzdov barrows .

In our city, everyone will find a lot of interesting things for themselves!


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