Heart of Smolensk in an hour. All that is especially important to catch in the lens.

Heart of Smolensk in an hour. All that is especially important to catch in the lens.

If you have a little time, but you want to see as much of the most interesting things as possible during the walk, this route is for you!

Start from Holy Assumption Cathedral , it is located on the Cathedral Mount. Not everyone knows that this is the second cathedral. It was built on the site of the old cathedral, which had been blown up during the capture of Smolensk by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. He survived a few more wars. From the observation deck offers a great view of the "Zadneprovye" - one of the districts of Smolensk, is not the best place for a photo? Now we will show some more!

Walk up the Bolshaya Sovetskaya Street, you will see Smolensk fortress wall and the Mokhovaya Tower in the Park of Pioneers. By the way, the thickness of its walls is almost the same as that of the Great Wall of China! It was built in 1602, supervised the construction of the “sovereign master” of the reign of Boris Godunov, the old Russian architect Fyodor Kon. There is a monument in the city. Fill in the photo archive?

Passing behind the wall, you find yourself on Victory Square, in the center of which is a monument to the defenders of Smolensk. It is a tall gray obelisk surrounded by figures of three soldiers-defenders of Smolensk: the era of the Russian-Polish war, the Patriotic War of 1812 and the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. Each side deserves a separate attention, and a separate click of the camera!

Turn right and walk down Dzerzhinsky Street. You will have a great view of one of the surviving towers of the Smolensk fortress wall - Thunder . And next to a monument to Fyodor Kon , which we have already mentioned. In the Thunder Tower, you can visit the magnificent interactive museum, but if you are in a hurry, click on the memory and move on!

Passing past the tower, you will Blonier’s garden on your right, and Lopatinsky . Start with Blonie, there is a sculpture of the Stag there - the creation of the German animal painter Richard Friese, which boasts an interesting history and spicy traditions. It is surrounded by one of the oldest buildings in Smolensk, including the Smolensk State Museum-Reserve, an art gallery, the Smolensk Philharmonic Hall. Stay away from the photo with the plow? Or maybe on it?

Next, look at the Lopatinsky garden! There you will be met by an amusement park and a huge inscription art object "I love Smolensk", and this place is just created for your lens!

We wish you a pleasant walk and guarantee a lot of impressions and great photos!


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