Military Temple of the Holy Grand Prince Alexander Nevsky

The military temple of the Holy Blessed Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky is located in Pskov on the left bank of the Velikaya River, not far from the Savior Transfiguration Mirozhsky Monastery. It was built in 1907-1908, for 14 months, and consecrated by the bishop of Pskov and Porkhov Arseny. It was a military temple that belonged to the 96th Omsk Infantry Regiment.

The temple was built according to a standard design developed specifically for the military. The style in which the temple is built can be described as “pseudo-Russian”, which can be seen in the exterior decor elements: helmet-shaped kokoshniks, sunbrushes, shoulder blades, this distinguishes it from the Pskov architectural traditions. The church looks unusual and stands out among the traditional Pskov construction, which is what attracts the eyes of passersby. In Soviet times, the temple was closed and, as in many church buildings of that time, there was a warehouse, the House of Officers, and the Red Army club. But since 1992 and until now here the bells are ringing again and services are held.

Today, the church of Alexander Nevsky is a military temple of the 76th Guards Airborne Assault Chernigov Red Banner, Order of the Suvorov Division. On the walls of the temple the names of the dead Pskov paratroopers are immortalized, an archive of the dead soldiers is drawn up Through the efforts of the parish, a synodic was created with photographs of fallen soldiers. Not far from the temple is a monument-chapel in their honor. Daily warrior names are commemorated for service. A stand with photographs of fallen soldiers is set up near the temple. 6-company of the 104th Airborne Regiment.

The monument was installed in 2002 in the village of Cherekha in memory of the heroism of the fighters of the 6th parachute company. During the Second Chechen War, they delayed the retreat of militants in the Argun Gorge at the cost of their own lives. The monument was created by Pskov sculptor A. Tsarik. It is a large parachute that rests on a pedestal depicting a mountain peak.

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