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Smolensk art gallery is located in one of the most beautiful buildings in the city – the building of the former Alexander real school. The building has a luxurious facade, but it is no less attractive inside: a three-flight front staircase with openwork cast-iron steps has survived to the present day. Countless students of the school climbed and descended these steps: writer I. S. Sokolov-Mikitov, researcher of Central Asia P. I. Kozlov, geologist Yuri Bilibin, artist El Lissitzky and many others.

The Art gallery, formerly housed in the former Princess M. K. Tenisheva Museum, moved here in 2010. Many visitors call the Smolensk art gallery "little Tretyakov gallery", implying a significant number of masterpieces collected in it. At the same time, the gallery's expositions, located on three floors, are devoted not only to Russian, but also to Western European art.

A Significant section is the collection of old Russian art of Princess M. K. Tenisheva. The exhibition features icons of Novgorod and Pskov schools, and the oldest icon in the collection dates back to the XV century.

The Pride of the collection are portraits of Rokotov, landscapes Kuindzhi, the work of Repin and Benoit, as well as the unique overland landscapes of Aivazovsky, which in November 2018 was exhibited in Moscow at the exhibition "Treasures of museums of Russia".

No less interesting and attractive to visit the Department of Western European art. Paintings of the Renaissance, the work of artists who worked at the same time with the titans of the Italian Renaissance will not leave indifferent any fan of painting. Small in size, but rich in content halls of Dutch and Dutch painting, French art XVIII-XX centuries, a collection of German art from the noble estates - every guest gallery will find something that will respond to his soul.

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