Battle on the Ice

The city of Pskov is a place where every corner breathes history. There are places here that are reminiscent of the faithful Prince Alexander Nevsky and the Ice Battle.

The gigantic Ice Battle massacre is visible from afar and attracts views. It was erected on the mountain Sokolikh, whose height is 75 m. The monument is built on a system of images, referring us to the ancient archetypes. The center of the composition, of course, is the Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky himself; around him, the boyar, the warriors of the prince's squad in full combat robes and artisans closed up close together. Looking at the monument you can find very close similarities with ancient temples, warrior helmets look like domes of churches, over which Alexander rises, like an altar ledge, and in clear weather, in the distance you can see the domes of the Trinity Cathedral of the Pskov Kremlin.

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