Monument to Princess Olga

If you wanted to see one of those who had the chance alone to rule a huge country and go down in history as a wise and strong person, then perhaps you should go to the monument to Princess Olga.

Princess Olga Equal to the Apostles - a legendary and key character for Russian history. And yet, for the Pskov history and culture, this princess is especially important, because she was born on this earth. The princess is known not only for her cruel and inexorable nature, but also as a wise ruler who was one of the first to receive baptism and began to introduce Christianity on Slavic soil. In 2003, in connection with the 1100th anniversary of the first mention of Pskov in the annals, a monument to Princess Olga was erected in Pskov. The three-meter bronze figure rises on a cylindrical pedestal of white stone with bas-reliefs of twelve Russian and Pskov saints, directly or indirectly connected with the history of Olga and the city. Her gaze is directed towards the Trinity Cathedral, which, according to legend, was founded by her. The face of the princess is crowned with a nimbus, in her hand is an orthodox cross. Near the princess is a little boy, her grandson Vladimir, who in the future will be known as the great baptist of Russia.

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