Izborsk fortress

Izborsk stone fortress (14th century) - an outstanding monument of Russian defense architecture. During its existence, withstood dozens of enemy sieges, has never been captured. The powerful fortresses that have survived to our day, such as in Izborsk, are always amazing. It is as if their great determination is concentrated in their ancient walls to protect their identity forever, which compels them to respect and appreciate the unique Russian character.

The fortress on Zheravy mountain is built in the shape of an irregular triangle with rounded corners. From two sides it is almost impregnable because of the steep slopes, from the third side ditches were dug. The walls and towers of the fortress are built of local limestone. Their length is about 623 meters, the average height of the walls is about 8 meters, and their thickness is 4 meters. The fortress was so perfect in those natural conditions that, like most of the fortresses of the north-west of Russia, it was not even practically rebuilt at the beginning of the 16th century. Since Izborsk is a very ancient city, probably, the fortress (wooden) was already here in the 11th century. Over time, it was strengthened and transformed as the city grew.

On a tour of the fortress, you can learn a lot of interesting things, for example, that the local towers are not the same and have different adaptations that increase the effectiveness of defense. But even without a guided tour, a walk through the fortress will bring many pleasant and memorable minutes.

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