Dovmontov city

Pskov is an ancient north-western outpost of our country, which took upon itself the blows of the military monastic orders of the northern European states and thus, hindering the further advancement of Catholic missionaries deep into our state. However, the ancient city suffered not only from foreign invaders, but also from an ambitious neighbor - Novgorod. In the sphere of influence in the north of Russia, Pskov was assigned a secondary role, and Novgorod always tried to put its people in reign in Pskov. But even for Pskov once glorious times came and it was connected with the name of Dovmont, prince of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. As a result of political strife in Lithuania, Dovmont fled to Pskov, where he was elected prince. Dovmont, and after the baptism of Timothy, was a very talented commander, which for that time was a clear advantage. As a result of such an alliance, the Pskov troops repeatedly attacked the fortresses of the Livonian Order, and Pskov, in fact, gained independence from Novgorod.

During his reign, Dovmont also took care of the defense of Pskov, as a result of which Dovmontov built a city - a fortification of stone attached to the Pskov Kremlin. Despite the military purpose of the fortress, many churches were built there. Initially, 18 temples of different eras were located on the territory of Dovmontov city, but by the XIX century only ruins remained of them. Dovmontov city is an object of cultural heritage of Russia and one of the fortresses, thanks to which we know our country for what it is.

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