Museum of Folk Wooden Architecture

There is a lot of fantasy in cinema and literature about how the hero enters another era. You will agree that such an idea often visited you, but what if ... ... But, fortunately or unfortunately, the time machine was not yet invented and it would seem that we have to rely only on the properties of our own imagination. However, the heroes of the invisible front - the restorers leave us in this game of time, so in the picturesque area washed by the waters of Lake Myachino and the Volkhov River, near the Yuryev Monastery, on the site of the Vitoslavlitsy village, the eponymous Museum of Wooden Folk Architecture is arranged.

Huts, rural chapels and churches, without which the history and folklore of our country are unthinkable, here form whole streets. In Vitoslavlitsy everything is mixed up, a fairy tale and reality peacefully coexist here, antiquity and present, only two sides here do not know the union - this is the eternal opposition of good and evil. However, as the practice of our glorious tales shows, good still prevails, so that in Vitoslavlitsy there is a constant triumph of good, which anyone can join.

You agree that the first associations with the word “history” are always some kind of battle with the date or the names of the most august persons, but here, under the cover of fairy tales, we can see people like us, just as usual, just doing their job. How can we see them? - It's very simple, you can get to know them through their life. Things speak for themselves. So, to find out how people lived many years ago, just go to the house-hut. Especially popular are the festivals of folklore and crafts, Christmas festivities held annually in Vitoslavlitsy;

Since September 2013, in the Museum of Folk Wooden Architecture “Vitoslavlitsy”, a new interactive exhibition “Economic Yard” has been operating - a zone in the southeastern part of the museum where horses and goats live and are kept - those domestic animals that have always been on the farm.

The interactive exhibition “Economic Yard” is located near the barn of the Iversky Monastery. The central part of the exhibition is a recently restored facility - a stable from the village of Sushilovo, Borovichi District. In the stable - 2 stall, which contain horses.

Next to the stables is the goatling, in which three goats have settled. Plots for horses and goats for demonstration were built at the site of the household yard.

Visitors have the opportunity to take pictures with animals, ride a horse through the territory of the interactive exhibition “Economic yard”.

In order to properly evaluate the present, you need to know the past, Vitoslavlitsy provide an opportunity not only to learn history, but also the opportunity to visit it as a participant.

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