The Square Memory Of Heroes

Heroes Memory Square is one of the most important attractions of the city, it is located in the heart of Smolensk, near the walls of the ancient Fortress wall.

In January 1911, to the centenary of the Patriotic war of 1812, the Smolensk city Duma decided: "to Arrange a Boulevard near the fortress wall... and call this Boulevard and the building of the primary city school built here"Boulevard and the primary city school in memory of 1812".

Before that, on the site of the future Boulevard was a wasteland, and in August 1912, in honor of the anniversary of the battle of Borodino, a bronze bust of Mikhail Kutuzov was installed, as well as The city primary school of memory of 1812 – built into the Fortress wall building resembled a medieval castle, symbolizing the valor of soldiers and the antiquity of the city.

The opening of" Boulevard of 1812", took place on August 31, 1912, when Emperor Nicholas II with his family and entourage visited Smolensk and held in the city celebrations in honor of the anniversary of the Patriotic war. Then, in a solemn ceremony, the Emperor cut the ribbon and opened one of the most recognizable places in Smolensk today.

One of the most famous monuments of Smolensk - a monument to the heroes of 1812 or" Monument with eagles " - was opened here in 1913. This unusual monument is considered to be the best monument to the heroes of the Patriotic war of 1812 in Russia. The monument is a stone rock, on top of which there is a nest, symbolizing Smolensk. On the rock to the nest climbs the Gaul with a sword (symbol of Napoleon's army), and protect the nest two eagles, symbolizing the two Russian armies. On the Eastern side of the rock there is a bronze map of the Russian Empire with the words: "grateful Russia to the heroes of 1812".

In 1968, the Eternal flame was lit in the Park – in memory of those who gave their lives for their native Smolensk and their country. The fire was lit By M. A. Egorov-the Hero of the Soviet Union, who in 1945 hoisted the Banner of Victory over Berlin.

Today on the territory of the Park there is a Museum of the great Patriotic war – the most frequently visited Museum of the city. The Museum, opened to the 30th anniversary of the liberation of Smolensk from Nazi invaders, is located in the building Of the city primary school in memory of 1812. The exhibits presented in the Museum will not leave indifferent neither children, nor young people, nor the older generation. If you want to dive into the military history of Smolensk region, learn about the terrible war and the exploits of Smolyan soldiers and civilians, trace the path of the defenders - you definitely here. Here you can get a very strong impression, without which it is impossible to make a complete picture of what the Smolensk land.

Along the Fortress wall there is an Alley of hero cities and a Necropolis-here are buried Soviet soldiers who gave their lives for the people and the Fatherland.

And nowadays the Heroes ' Memory Square is a quiet, well – groomed corner in the city center – a place of memory. The memory of those who defended Russia in 1812 and those who saved it already in the Great Patriotic war, those who defended the interests of the country already beyond its borders and those who did not see their victory and awards, but those whose names are forever inscribed in the history of Russia.

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