The Lopatinsky Garden

Lopatinsky garden was created in 1873 on the site of the former Royal fortress and is now the Central Park of Smolensk. The garden occupies more than 10 hectares of green area. Monuments of cultural and historical heritage of the Smolensk land and objects of leisure infrastructure harmoniously fit into it. On the territory of Lopatinsky Park there is a section of the fortress wall, the Royal Bastion, monuments to the Sofia regiment and "Heroes of the Smolensk battle on August 4-5, 1812" and many other attractions within walking distance.

Spending Time in Lopatinsky garden has long been loved not only by locals but also by travelers. August 31, 1912 the Park was visited by Emperor Nicholas II.

In the XXI century, guests of Smolensk, including celebrities - from famous scientists and politicians to young video bloggers, are sure to take a walk in the Lopatinsky garden.

Lopatinsky garden is interesting not only for its numerous historical sights, but, what is very important for a holiday in the city, has a beautiful landscape and original art decor. Among the famous art objects of the Park-the globe with the assumption Cathedral, "musical lanterns". Tourists will be able to buy here Smolensk Souvenirs made by Smolensk masters: recently a large gift shop appeared on the Musical embankment of the pond.

Among other things, the city Park hosts large city festivals for people of all ages several times a year. It can be a simple musical evening on a Mass field or a large-scale summer festival.

A Tired and hungry visitor to the Park will always be able to find a cozy cafe here or just buy ice cream, cotton candy and sit on a bench in any picturesque place of the garden, which will also bring a lot of pleasure.

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