Pokrovsky Church and Seminary

The Temple and Seminary are located on a high hill above the Dnieper, almost adjacent from the inside to the fortress wall and occupy an important place in the panorama of Smolensk, opening from its Northern part.

The Church in honor of the Intercession of the blessed virgin, now a Seminary, was built in 1789-1794 at the expense of the priest V. Bryantsev. The Church was not originally a parish, it was considered a cemetery. During the Patriotic war of 1812, the Church of the intercession survived the fire in Smolensk. During the war, the temple kept the property of citizens. After 1812, the ham was converted from the cemetery to the parish and operated until it was closed in 1933. During the great Patriotic War the Church was significantly damaged and was in desolation for a long time.

In 1989, the Church with adjacent buildings was transferred to the Smolensk diocese. On the eve of November 30, 1988, by the decision of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church and on the initiative of the Archbishop of Smolensk Kaliningrad (Gundyaev), the Smolensk inter-Patriarchal spiritual school was founded. The school is located in the complex of buildings of the intercession Church. The rector was appointed priest Victor Savik.

Initially, from 1728 until its closure in 1918, the Seminary was located on the territory of The Abrahamic Monastery. It was founded by the efforts of the Bishop of Smolensk and dorogobuzhsky Gideon Veshnevsky, who drafted the rules — "Regulae tum communes, tum particulares collegii Smolencensis", which became a kind of Charter of the Seminary, regulating its entire schedule.

On may 5, 1995 the theological school was given the status of a Seminary, and in 2012 the Smolensk Orthodox Theological Seminary, thanks to the efforts of the rector Archpriest Georgy Urbanovich, was the first in Russia to receive state accreditation and graduates of the theological Seminary began to receive state diplomas.

Such outstanding personalities as Archimandrite Makariy (Glukharev), St. Nicholas of Japan, scientist soil scientist V. V. Dokuchaev, science fiction writer A. R. Belyaev came out of the walls of the theological school.


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