Victory square

Victory square is one of the Central squares of Smolensk. It is not only a major transport hub, but also a place where monuments and historical buildings are located. Here you will see a fragment of the Smolensk fortress wall, the cinema "October", a modern monument to soldiers, defenders and liberators of Smolensk, the first Department store opened in Smolensk, the building of the city printing house, a monument to Vasily Terkin and the building of the hotel "Smolensk", which was hoisted the red banner during the liberation of the city from the Nazis.

The history of the name of the square goes back centuries. Before the revolution of 1917 on the site of the modern square were Molokhov gate, the name of which the area and called Molokhov. During the retreat of Napoleon's army Malkowska gate was blown up, but the gate icon of the Annunciation of the Mother of God miraculously survived. On the site of the blown-up gate in 1840 was built a Church, which was called the Annunciation – in honor of the surviving gate icon. Emperor Nicholas I donated 7 thousand rubles for the construction of the temple and allowed to use for the construction of the surviving bricks from the destroyed parts of the Fortress wall.

In 1918, the Annunciation Church was closed, a Large Annunciation street renamed in Great Soviet and Malkowska area in Krasnoarmeyskaya. Later, the square was renamed in honor of the revolutionary Vasily Smirnov.

Since the 1930s, the design of the square began: under the pretext of the need to expand it in 1936, the Annunciation Church was demolished, the construction of buildings around the square began. In the second half of the 30s was built a Department store (now – shopping center "Juno"), in 1939 - the hotel "Smolensk", in 1940 began construction of the cinema "October", interrupted by the war and completed in 1949. During the occupation of the city Smirnov square was called commandant.

In the postwar years, the transformation of the area were associated with the perpetuation of the memory of the victims of the great Patriotic war. On the inside of the wall there is a burial of the Smolyan people who were shot in the streets of the city in October 1941.on the wall there are memorial signs in memory of all our countrymen who suffered during the war. In 1963, one of these days the celebration of the 1100th anniversary of Smolensk, in front of the ramparts, a rally was held and was bricked in the message to descendants, to Smolyan read in 2013.

The last changes in the appearance of the square took place in our time. In the square near the square, in 1995, to the 85th anniversary of the poet A. T. Tvardovsky, the monument to Alexander Trifonovich and his literary hero Vasily Terkin was opened. In may 2001, the tram traffic on Bolshaya Sovetskaya street was stopped and the rails were dismantled. In 2005, a monument to young prisoners of fascism "Scorched flower"was erected on the square.

In September 2009, Smirnov square was renamed and became known as Victory Square.

In 2015, a monument to soldiers, defenders and liberators of Smolensk was erected on Victory square. It is a gray obelisk surrounded by the figures of three soldiers-defenders of Smolensk: the era of the Russian-Polish war, the Patriotic war of 1812 and the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945. The total height of the monument is 13 meters, the height of the figures is 2.7 meters. In the evening on the obelisk turns on the backlight.

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