Vladimir embankment

Sunny embankment stretches between two bridges connecting the left and right banks of the Dnieper. It is named in honor of the Holy Prince Vladimir equal to the apostles, who baptized Russia in 988. The monument to the Baptist of Russia was erected here in 2015 and consecrated by his Holiness Patriarch Kirill. The monument depicts Prince Vladimir equal to the apostles, his left hand clutching the cross, and the right as if inviting everyone to undergo the rite of baptism. Since the opening of the monument embankment is officially called Vladimir.

The history of the waterfront leads us to 1816. Architect of Smolensk province V. Geste, drawing up a plan for the restoration of Smolensk after the Napoleonic invasion, proposed to build the embankment. Money was even allocated for this. But these plans had to be postponed.

For the Second time the creation of the embankment was approached with great enthusiasm in the late 1920s. Along the banks of the Dnieper river broke paths and flower beds, planted trees, installed benches and small architectural forms. This place was called the garden of Metalworkers.

In our days, the waterfront is the perfect place to stay. It's quiet, peaceful, cozy. On the coastline can accommodate fishermen. Asphalt paths – a favorite place for walking moms with kids and couples. But all without exception will be fascinated by the panorama of the Dnieper river. The Cathedral of the assumption is located nearby.

Perhaps the most attractive area of the Smolensk embankment is the place where it connects with the Pyatnitskaya tower of the Fortress wall. From this part of the embankment there is a beautiful view of the majestic assumption Cathedral and the lower Nikolsky temple complex. If you walk down the embankment along the Dnieper river, you can see the unique temples of the XII century: on the side of the Vladimir embankment is the Church of St. John the theologian of the XII century. And on the other side – the Church of Peter and Paul.

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